In this section is an Overview about the Categories and Classes within the EMMA Competition

The several Sub Pages explains the current entry criteria for each class in Sound Quality, Multi Media, ESPL, EMMA Tuning and ESQL.

Sound Quality

Entry 3000€

Entry Unlimited

S-Category OEM

S-Category 4000€

S-Category Unlimited

M-Category OEM

M-Category 5000€

M-Category Limited

M-Category Unlimited

X-Category Limited

X-Category Unlimited


Multimedia 2.0

Multimedia 5.1


Tuning Stock+

Tuning Custom Trunk

Tuning Custom unlimited


ESQL Limited

ESQL Unlimited


ESPL Trunk 3000€

ESPL Trunk Limited

ESPL B/R 4000€

ESPL B/R Limited

ESPL Wall 5000€

ESPL Wall Limited

ESPL Expert

All this information is taken from the official Rulebook 2022