In this section is an Overview about the Categories and Classes within the EMMA Competition

Sound Quality

Entry 3000€

Entry Unlimited

S-Category OEM

S-Category 4000€

S-Category Unlimited

M-Category OEM

M-Category 5000€

M-Category Limited

M-Category Unlimited

X-Category Limited

X-Category Unlimited


Multimedia 2.0

Multimedia 5.1


Tuning Stock+

Tuning Custom Trunk

Tuning Custom unlimited


ESQL Limited

ESQL Unlimited


ESPL Trunk 3000€

ESPL Trunk Limited

ESPL B/R 4000€

ESPL B/R Limited

ESPL Wall 5000€

ESPL Wall Limited

ESPL Expert


All this information is taken from the official Rulebook 2022