European Carmedia Championships

27. April 2022 – 30. April 2022 all-day
Customized Salzburg
Am Messezentrum 1
5020 Salzburg
will be announced in time
Alex Klett
+49 172 81 55 145

EMMA Eurofinals schedule and Info

The arrival and registration of the participants will begin on Wednesday, April 27 at 14:00 and ends at 19:00. The registration desk will be in Hall 2/6 and will close 18:45. Please park your car outside of Hall 2/6 and go to the registration desk to receive your registration sticker as well as tickets for entrance and parking.

Please make sure your registration sticker is placed in the front window. The cars will be organized and placed under supervision of the EMMA team. An EMMA official will guide you to the designated place. ESPL/ESQL and Tuning competitors are going to be placed in Hall 1. The registration fee for all categories is € 80,00 Euro. Additional starts cost an extra fee of € 20,00 Euro per class.

The registration contains two tickets for the EMMA “Get together”, Friday evening 18:00 within the Halls 2/6. Additional Tickets can be bought at the EMMA Front Office for a price of 15,00 Euro at latest on Friday 12:00.

These Eurofinals are still the Eurofinals from 2019 and the 2018 Rulebook and Music Material will be used. The use of High Res Version is limited to the Expert Categories.

Please note that all cars must be inside on Wednesday, April 27 at latest 19:00.

A competitor´s briefing and introduction of the judging team will take place on Thursday, April 28 at 9:00 at the main stage in Hall 1. The judging procedure on Thursday will start at 10:00 in the morning and will end at 18:00 in the evening.

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Sound Quality competition (SQ and MM)

All categories will start according to the plan which is displayed at the front office Hall 2. In categories with more than 15 cars attending the SQ, the class will be split in 2 and each part will be judged on SQ by 2 different SQ judge teams (Install will be done by one team for the whole class). The best 4 of each part will be judged again to determine the final result.

All SQ cars will be judged with the single seat judging system. The judges will verify the sound quality only from the driver seat. No scores will be shown to the competitor. The final result will be the average of the scores.

ESPL, ESQL and Tuning competition

The Installation judgement will be on Thursday, the measurements will be Friday & Saturday (Final). Please also listen carefully to all announcements at the stage. Measurements will take place in front of the stage in Hall 1. On Saturday at 10:00 the best two of the first ESPL round will compete against each other in front of the stage. The ceremony will start around 16:00.

The Tracks used for the measurement procedure are

First Round: Track 17
Final Round: Track 19

CarMediaWorld Exhibition, April 28-30


The new CarMediaWorld will be embedded into a trade fair apart from the Automesse. “Customized” is new format of exhibition showing all factettes of Motorsports, High End Tuning and customizing. The new location within the trade fair area in Salzburg will be the Halls 2/6 for Exhibitors and SQ competition vehicles and Hall 2/5 for the ESPL and lifestyle cars as well as the main stage.

Thursday April 28 trade visitors’ day. Only invited guests

Friday, Saturday public days together with Customized show

Official Partner of the CarMediaWorld Salzburg Audiotec Fischer


Download the full Information as pdf  >>> 2022 Competitor General Procedures and Timetable