EMMA Asia Final Stage Bangkok & Ceremony

IMG_0915The final stage of the 2014 Asia Finals was crowned by the ceremony for the almost 200 attendees of the competition series. Around “the Walk” shopping mall, the EMMA competitors from Thailand found perfect circumstances for their judging procedures, which started already on Nov. 29 with their Nationals. In addition, the international team was happy after more than two weeks of travelling through seven Countries to arrive in Bangkok finally for their last working day. EMMA Thailand organized a big bunch of tents to cover the cars from the intensive sun so the judges and competitors could survive the over 37 degrees Celsius.

Also the Thai participants delivered a great show with their cars and amazing installations on a world-class level. Short after 8 in the evening EMMA Asia representative Somkiat Pookayaporn and EMMA CEO Alex Klett started the ceremony with thanking the international judge team for the great work done and also Ramona Pitschuch for organizing a perfect back office on all stages. Then the price giving began with many surprises and many happy faces especially from the Indonesian and the Thai contestants because they received the biggest number of Trophies but also all others got good results. The level compared to the previous year increased much in terms of quality and on the events itself. Congratulations to all for this next important step for EMMA in Asia.

The Monday was used for the EMMA Asia conference with more than 30 attendees discussing the next steps to be done in Asia and above. The general feedback of the Asia finals was positive and the affiliates as well as the sponsors agreed to continue the Asia finals also in 2015 but afterwards change into a two years modus. In addition, the amount of locations should shrink to give all hosts a chance to get weekend days for their events to have a more attractive surrounding.


EMMA Asia Finals - Thailand