10-CHANNEL DSP AMP M10 – New gear for MUSWAY’s DSP multiverse

With the 12-channel Class-D DSP-amplifier M12, MUSWAY recently revolutionized the digital signal processing segment. The press praised the M12 effusively and elevated it to the absolute top class. This is where MUSWAY’s R&D team also aims to place their new 10-channel Class D amp with 12-channel DSP. The new DSP amplifier is a slightly slimmer version of the highly acclaimed twelve-channel genius. Virtually identical in terms of technology and design, the M10 offers eight channels of power for a complex multi-channel system and two additional channels with a quantum more output power for operating subwoofers. The core is a 12-channel DSP, in which a huge array of audiophile feats can be set up conveniently with Musway’s free downloadable PC software or the optional BTA2 dongle via smartphone app.