EMMA Mexico next level

The second event of EMMA Mexico (CHAINIS Audio) was a full success, 165 cars of all categories met on the first weekend of June in the Arandas Autodrome. The EMMA Mexico staff started at 9:00 am receiving the competitors registrations, and starting at 12:00 the evaluation of the vehicles.

EMMA MEXICO is on the way to position itself in SQ, ESPL, ESQL and Tuning, as the competitors started to, learn about the rules and prepare their cars for the competition.

One of the competitors drove more than 400 miles to attend this EMMA event and owned great respect.

The award began at 6:00 pm culminating with gifts that the organizer raffled to the public. Also some members of the Car Media industry was present at the place to support this event, brands such as Hertz, Audison, Zapco return to the events after a long time of not attending any car audio competition.

There presence was the seed also for others to think about a more intensive activitiy and the first requests came form Brands like Carbon Audio, which already begins the conversation with EMMA Mexico to join the EMMA community as Partner.

The event was 100% familiar, something that had not been seen for a long time, COMPETITORS left from the event happy with their trophies and ready to continue improving their cars for upcoming EMMA Mexico events.