2024 EMMA TAIWAN Judge Training

The EMMA Taiwan Judge Training 2024 brought together car audio enthusiasts and professionals from across the region for an in-depth and immersive experience in car audio judging. The two-day event focused on both theoretical foundations and practical applications, all under the guidance of Taiwan’s expert judges.

The training was conducted by seven distinguished International Head Judges from Taiwan, whose expertise and dedication provided an enriching and dynamic learning environment. With 30 enthusiastic participants in attendance, the event facilitated a vibrant exchange of ideas and knowledge.

Day 1: Theoretical Insights and EMMA 2024 Music Track Introduction

The first day concentrated on theoretical instruction, led by Taiwan’s experienced trainers. Participants engaged in comprehensive discussions and interactive sessions, delving into the nuances of sound quality evaluation, technical criteria, and holistic judging approaches. The introduction of the EMMA 2024 music track added an exciting element to the training, offering participants insights into the challenges and diversity they would face in their judging activities.

Day 2: Hands-On Practical Training

The second day was dedicated to hands-on practical training, featuring eight demonstration vehicles prepared by the trainers. This practical approach allowed participants to apply their theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios, reinforcing their skills and enhancing their confidence. The demonstration vehicles and their respective trainers were:

  • Prejudge Positioning Focus: Xiaoguan with the E90 (Assistant: Xiaoguan)
  • Soundstage and Room Information: Lu with the Previa (Assistant: Lu)
  • Track 8: another Previa (Assistant: Ivan)
  • Track 9: Hongcheng with the RAV4 (Assistant: Hongcheng)
  • Track 10: Xiaoying with the RAV4 (Assistant: Alex In)
  • Track 11: Lexus IS (Assistant: Hong Yi)
  • Installation: TOYOTA Auris (Assistant: Lan)
  • ESQL and Installation: Jinzhan (Assistant: Li Wei)

Congratulations to all the newly certified judges for their dedication and hard work.