Addendum 2023

The rulebook has been clearified in some points. These clearifications have been added to the downloadable files under rules already but find a overview here

Rulebook SQ

The instruments should appear exactly on their designated position. If they are out of focus the judge will note 0 points.

Rulebook Installation

If the car’s OEM ground cable is not upgraded the biggest allowed size for the main fuse (or combined size of multiple main fuses) is 100 A unless the competitor provides a calculation with the enclosed formula using car’s OEM ground cable size.

Rulebook Etiquette:

Judges will not comment on following points, even if requested by the competitor:

Rulebook ESPL:

In all price limited ESPL classes only unmodified components are allowed. On request of the judge the competitor must give a proof that regular retail material is in use. In case of cheating an immediate disqualification will follow.

For all ESPL, ESQL Tuning Classes the actual, designated Music Material is to be used. Additional signals are not allowed during the official measurements. The Term Lab Software will recognize the infeed of additional signals. By using additional signal the competitor will be disqualified from the competition.

This addendum is valid starting from January 1, 2023