CarMediaWorld and EMMA-Eurofinals at Auto Messe Salzburg 2015

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For the third time the Event-Trio CarMediaWorld, EMMA Eurofinals and EMMA Head Judge Training provided a perfect platform to launch the automobile multimedia season in Europe. The new appearance of the CarMediaWorld as a „fair in fair”-project turned out as a very successful trade show concept where visitors of Auto Messe Salzburg as well as the international CarMediaWorld guests from 60 countries found a great venue to experience state of the art mobile audio and infotainment. More than 20 leading car media brands invited to discover a unique exciting spot to experience top notch car media solutions on an 8000 sqm showroom in exhibition hall 10 as well as in the Salzburg Arena. The companies ACV, AIV, Audio System, Bewith, Blam, Brax, DLS, ESX, German Maestro, Gladen, Ground Zero, Helix, Hifonics, Iltrade, Match, Monster, Mosconi, Rainbow, Rockford Fosgate, Vibe und Tchernov Cable as well as the armada of EMMA Sound Quality vehicles had everything on board to experience top notch car audio and multimedia, in-car digital radio and TV, smartphone connectivity, safe and convenient hands free communication, mobile internet, inductive wireless phone charging and even more car electronic gadgets.

At the EMMA Eurofinals the continent’s top award winning sound cars entered the stage in Salzburg to take the challenge for their final encounter. Roundabout than 200 international challengers met on Salzburg’s Fairground to figure who becomes this year’s European Champion. Mobile media enthusiasts from 25 nations presented their cars and – of course – partied hard on the Saturday Night Event where the guests from more than 50 Nations all over the globe rocked in the Salzburg Arena to live music and DJs. The party was surrounded and very well catered by the traditional country presentations from Benelux, Germany, Italy, Russia, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary as well as the United Kingdom. The winner of this year’s country presentation was Italy, followed by some very tasty Fritten from Benelux…

The Award Ceremony in front of the huge banners from this year’s Eurofinals-Event-Sponsors Ground Zero and Vibe kept some nice surprises for the competitors: Some of the young competitor-generation received their first Euro-Champion-Trophy and at the top ranking there was some hard competition about who is top of the tops. At the end it was Germany followed by Austria and Italy on place three.

Thank you all for coming – see you next year here in Salzburg!

Nation`s Ranking:

Nations Ranking

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