CarMediaWorld Salzburg is getting close

This year’s CarMediaWorld and EMMA Eurofinals will become a key event for all car media enthusiasts. Over 200 competitor signups, more than 100 attendees joining the international EMMA Head Judge seminar, more than 70 renowned car audio and infotainment brands exhibiting on over 2300 square meters. The legendary EMMA Party will again unite people, music, food and beverages from several EMMA Countries. These are the numbers, facts and highlights that make this year’s occasion in Salzburg a benchmark setting megaevent.

The EMMA team has been in the hot preparation phase for weeks and so far everything is on schedule. A giant thank you to all the companies supporting EMMA since many years and of course the international team which is doing a fantastic job organizing all this. We are looking forward to seeing you all and wish you a good trip to Salzburg, the mobile audio and infotainment hot spot in April 2024.