The DLS ACW68 is an incredibly small and flexible active subwoofer that performs at a level not far behind its big brother ACW10. Thanks to the 6×8″ size of the woofer, the box has been able to shrink even more. The outer dimensions are only 29x21x7.3cm. Fits perfectly under the front seats in many new cars.

ACW68 is developed by music lovers for music lovers. Carefully selected components to give you as a listener a warm and enveloping bass sound that makes you really feel the joy of the music. Placement under one of the front seats gives very good feedback to the front system and the bass sound is felt to come from the speakers and not from a separate woofer box in the back of the car.

This is the best possible upgrade to an original system that feels tired and boring.

  • High level input with Auto switch which is adapted for modern cars.
  • Bass optimize control makes it possible to adjust the bass -6dB – +6dB for a perfect match to the original system. Some cars have an increase in the bass area of the original stereo/output stage. With the help of the bass optimize function, this problem can be fixed and the level of the bass sound adjusted.
  • Bass level control with marked steps and centre position that easily adjusts the level up to the set gain/level on the amplifier. Mount it at a comfortable distance and it becomes super easy to adjust the level of the bass according to the music or the mood.
  • Potentiometers in metal.
  • Allen screws for power connection.

Full die-cast aluminium housing with a subtle matt black coating.

Size: 6 x 8” / 150 x 200mm
RMS Power: 120 W
MAX Power 250 W
THD: Max < 0.4%
Signal-to-noise ratio:>90 dB
Frequency response: 30 Hz-150 Hz
Input sensitivity, high level: 0.9 V
Input sensitivity, low level: 300 mV
Bass Optimize: -6 dB / +6 dB
Low Pass Filter: 50 Hz-150 Hz
Subsonic Filter: 30 Hz
Fuse rating: 15 A

Download DLS Reference ACW68 DataSheet

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