EMMA Argentina kicks off

With a total of 65 entries and around 500 espectators, EMMA Argentina held its first official competition, in collaboration with the 1st Argentinan Car Audio Exhibition Show, in Centro Miguelete exhibition center, located in San Martin, Buenos Aires.

All competitors arrived on the morning, and after a welcoming talk all judges started their duties around 11am.

On the inside of the hall, sponsors and exhibitors prepared some very nice booths to show the audience and competitors the latest products of the trade, plus some very nice demo cars. There was also the SQ, MM and Racing competition being held inside of the hall.

On the outside we had our ESPL/ESQL Arena, where all competitors could play their systems as loud and free as they wanted, plus all the measurements and sound judgement.

The local staff was also joined by the international staff consisting of:

Francesco Richichi from EMMA Italy

Antonio Aguero from EMMA Mexico

Christophe Bedel from EMMA Mexico

German Garcia from EMMA Mexico

Arturo Silva from EMMA Mexico

By the end of the competition, and right after the awards ceremony, a big giveaway of car audio products that were donated by the exhibitors was organized. Every attendee was very keen to receive some very nice prizes! And of course some lucky ones left the day with a very nice upgrade to their sound system.

All exhibitors aproached EMMA Argentina Manager German Schulmeister after the event and say that they were really happy with everything, that there have been at least 20 years since we didnt have an event like this, plus also many competitors who were very happy with the service provided. International and local judges were also very happy with how everything turned out. This was the first step to move the Car Media scene and the industry to the next level.