EMMA Argentina ready to go

EMMA Argentina held it´s first National Judge training end of June supported by international Head Judge Francesco Richichi who flew from Italy to Buenos Aires.

19 attendees, mostly from Buenos Aires, but also some coming from other provinces (Santa Fe, La Pampa and Cordoba), the furthermost being 700km away. The training was supported by some of the local sponsors who showed up to see how training was going. The event was held in the city of Lanus, inside the Chemical Guys workshop, who is also one of EMMA Argentina´s sponsors. Thanks also to Focal, who set us up with a nice set of reference monitors to listen to the EMMA CD.

On Saturday, all the theories about what is EMMA, about judge behavior, categories and classes, and also we covered all judgement aspects about SQ, ESPL, ESQL, Installation and Racing were trained.

Sunday was reserved for doing all practical stuff for the training. Francesco Richichi took a small test of what the audience saw on Saturday to everybody, while German Schulmeister explained on a car how to judge installation in a vehicle. Then all the attendees got to judge installation on another car by their own.  There were also 2 cars for all new judges to evaluate in SQ, so they all could hear and understand how to judge them, as they sounded very different. Finally, the group did some ESQL and ESPL judging all together on one car, so new judges got their hands on with the judging process.

Afterwards the certificates were given to the new coming judges, followed by an intense conversation about what all should do together to help grow Emma in Argentina. A great step into a bright future with a great team.