EMMA Asia Affiliates Meeting

After finishing the EMMA Asia Finals on Sunday, November 27 the EMMA Affiliates met the day after to discuss and reflect the current situation. Almost all EMMA Asia partners showed up and even the new representative for India was taking part. Unfortunately, EMMA China and Hong Kong couldn´t attend due to Covid restrictions in their countries. The countries represented by their leaders have been Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, Russia, and India. On the schedule was the consumption of this year’s EMMA Asia Final series which gave a mixed picture. The events have been great but the resources of the team as well of the organization have reached a limit. The final stage in Singapore was judged incredibly positive but also all other stages were good in terms of location and organization. Nevertheless, the main point of the discussion was looking into the future of the EMMA Asia Finals as well as the general structure in this important region of the planet. The key challenge is always the fact that most of the Nations are not connected by land, so it is impossible to have a grand international final on a designated location in Southeast Asia. But on the other hand, a stable location where all meet every year is a successful strategy as the example in Salzburg shows. It was agreed that the international activities of EMMA in Asia must become more professional and therefore the structure shall become a roof in form of a company taking care about all international activities of EMMA in the future. The target is to build a reliable system of managing events all over Asia as well as lifting the communication on a higher level. Simply said everything shall be organized more professional. All agreed to this idea and now the progress will start. For the upcoming CarMediaWorld in April in Salzburg the new company will be readily setup and shall be presented to all including the international EMMA Sponsors. EMMA is looking into a bright future.