EMMA Asia Finals 2022

After an extended period without events the EMMA Asia Affiliates agreed to host an EMMA Asia Final series already in 2022. This first year of competition after the pandemic is looking to be a great starting point to getting our industry back on track.

As not all Affiliates are able to join the series will be in 6 Countries which are:

  1. November 9/10 – Manila, Philippines
  2. November 13/14 – Jakarta, Indonesia
  3. November 16-18 – Hanoi, Vietnam
  4. November 19-20 Bangkok, Thailand
  5. November 23-24 – KL, Malaysia
  6. November 26-27 – Singapore

Currently all sponsor agreements are to be discussed and as soon as all details are fixed further information about the terms and conditions as well as the locations will be published. Be exited!