EMMA ASIA Finals 2023 start now

The largest international Car Audio Competition is at it´s final stage. This weekend the 2023 EMMA Asia Finals will start in Taipei, followed up by the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and the final stage in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Almost 200 cars signed up and the competitors will be judged by a high professional international judge team coming from 8 Nations. All are very exited as this is the first real Asian event without any restrictions. The grand ceremony is planned to be on Saturday, dec. 2 at Malaysia no. 1 car event, the AUTO FIESTA.

This year’s EMMA Asian Finals is exclusively presented to you by: AUDIOTEC FISCHER (BRAX, HELIX, MATCH), sponsored by: VIBE/EDGE, FOCAL, ALPINE and RESOLUT. We would also like to thank our brand partners: VIBROFILTR, CRESCENDO, XCELCIUS, GOLDHORN, VENOM, REBEC, AUDIO-TECHNICA AND GROUND ZERO.

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