EMMA Asia Finals Judgeteam

The judgeteam working at the 2022 EMMA Asia Finals has been assigened regarding Categories and Classes.

The members of the Judgeteam are:

  • Glen Saitowitz – Switzerland
  • Kevin Keegan – Indoensia
  • Edy Susanto – Indoensia
  • Poh Chong Hwee – Malaysia 
  • Down Tran Minh Chau – Vietnam
  • Adison de Ocampo – Philippines
  • Diyoy Cabahug – Philippines

Back Office and Event Director – Marc Ayes – Philippines 

Sound 1Sound 2InstallMeter
SQ E 1500GlenChau
SQ E 3000KevinChau
SQ E UnliGlenChau
SQ S 4000HweeAdisonChau
SQ S UnliHweeAdisonChau
SQ OEMHweeAdisonChau
SQ M 5000DiyoyEddieKevin
SQ M UnliDiyoyEddieKevin
SQ X LimDiyoyEddieKevin
Sound CupDiyoyEddie
ESPL TrunkKevin/HweeMarc/Adison
ESPL R/BKevin/HweeMarc/Adison
ESPL WallKevin/HweeMarc/Adison
ESQL TrunkChauGlenKevin/HweeMarc/Adison
ESQL R/BChauGlenKevin/HweeMarc/Adison
ESQL WallChauGlenKevin/HweeMarc/Adison
Loud CupChauDiyoyMarc/Adison