EMMA Asia Finals Stage4 Thailand

Stage No 4 in Thailand was a very well organized event and all found it great to be back in Thailand where the competitors are considered “thoroughbreds” in car audio competition. Around 40 entries competed in SQ, ESQL and ESPL format. The competition was intense with amazing ESQL shows and cool performance.

Many of the sponsors and car audio personalities from South Africa, UK, Japan, Sweden, Singapore, Malaysia, India and China are all present at the event. 

The event started smoothly at 8:30 and waited till dark for the King of ESQL peformances from the ESQL cars. An awarding of the Thai Finals followed and EMMA Thailand gracefully thanked the EMMA Asian Finals judges for their work in the Thailand stage.

Great hospitality from EMMA Thailand and its competitors. Kudos for the great work guys. 

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