EMMA Benelux Finals 2023

Sunday, November 19 was the day of the Benelux final. Very late in the year, so there was a high risk of bad weather and especially cold conditions. After a very rainy Saturday, the hope was to see it remaining dry on Sunday.

To everyone’s surprise, there was sunshine in the morning and everyone faced the day with confidence. Michael Jansen from MJ Caraudio and his team had taken care of everything down to the last detail and were very good hosts. Cheers for this.
Even though we started off dry, a number of showers still passed through the area. Together with the wind, the winter coat was necessary. However, it didn’t bother the audience, they were frequently present. They particularly enjoyed what was offered to them during the ESPL and ESQL assessments.

The MJ Caraudio team had also taken good care of drinks and food. Fries and croquette sandwiches were a welcome snack and were in great demand.

The jury members and the back office team were once again a well-oiled team and the judging went smoothly, allowing the award ceremony to take place on time.

Congratulations to all participants and we hope to see you again in Salzburg at the European final.