EMMA Finland heats up

The premier event of EMMA Finland was happening under strange circumstances as the temperature was way above 30° Celsius. So judges had to sweat while doing their job. The 2021 competition season kicked to a start in Pori on the 10th of July. Crowds and hosts from Autopesu Satafix enjoyed the season opening with  a quirksome heatwave of +31 centigrade – a spectacular array comprising 29 competitors. The 27 Sound Quality performances, two Multimedias, four ESPLs, one ESQL and two Tuning vehicles were on the whole  finished to a very high level, especially considering that we were fortunate enough to entertain a handful of first-time competitors. The competitions for the rest of the season have soon been fully booked. This we have found to suggest a longing to gather together and enjoy friends, cars and music after a year like never before. Hoping our EMMA fellows have stayed safe and will soon be able to enjoy competitions of their own, we wish you all a healthy and enjoyable summer! “