EMMA Head Judge training in Salzburg – new experience for experts

More than 100 judges from all over the world came together to the annual EMMA Head Judge Seminar in Salzburg. The two-day seminar benefitted from an open atmosphere giving room to gain or regain expertise and to exchange experience. The main training content was the contemporary 2024 music material in high resolution format, which was produced again at the cap a ‘Pie studios. The second new training focus was the updated Multimedia Section using Dolby Atmos as new standard. To demonstrate this modern technology, training chief Chris Körbel built a little cinema in one of Salzburg’s meeting rooms. All participants were guided in smaller groups through the various cars to present all information the music files provide and how to use them for future judging procedures. A most welcome training-highlight was the presentation of the latest music material with Alex Klett explaining all details around the technical and acoustical contexts. Finally, all participants came together at the great ceremony where they received their brand-new shirts and certificates as well as a special limited edition of the latest music on USB stick. Now we are all in flow and the new Head Judges can start to coach their local teams.