EMMA Heat 6 Jakarta : Battle Of The Masters

The EMMA Heat 6 competition this time will be the largest in regular competitions, with almost 100 entrants. This is because of the decline in covid cases allowing many audio hobbyists to participate in this competition. The competition will also be filled with many big names in Indonesian audio participating in team like Audio Circle, Crescendo, Dominations, Focal, Ground Zero, RG, Venom also privateer team like AJM, Bronson, BPS, Koko Ayung, Linear, Mega and the most famous workshops in Indonesia such as AJM, Audioplus, Bestbuddyshop, Bronson, Cartens Autosound, Concerto, Dynamics Autosound, Innovations, Mega Audio, Revealing Sound and others, competing with their flagship cars.
In the special class “Club of Champion” where competitors duke it out to become the top 3 champions in the final round, the fierce battle of the super high-end cars can be seen. Combined with the tight competition in the regular EMMA classes, especially in the prestigious classes, the competition can truly be said to be a battle between reputable car audio masters in Indonesia in international level EMMA matches. With their skill and experience, supported with fantastically priced, high-end audio equipment, the competition this time is worthy to be called the fierce battle of the Indonesian car audio gods.

Link video : https://youtu.be/w8DSr0vsxTA

The winner of this year’s “Club of Champions” is Anthony Sudarga from Audio Circle Team – Concerto Surabaya and gets the main prize in the form of a Honda motorcycle.