EMMA Indonesia Heat 4 competition was held at Indonesia International Motor Show 2021

After being absent for almost a year due to the outbreak of the pandemic, EMMA Indonesia is again holding a competition in Jakarta in collaboration with PAHAMI at the IIMS event.

At the 4th series event, there were many well-known workshops in Jakarta and outside the city, names that have a reputation for winning both at the national and international levels such as Andreas Tjahjadi (Team GZ Crescendo), Filipus (Team Venom), Jhony Chandra (Team Mega), Ricky Sutanto (Team RG), Roland Siahaan (Team Reverb), Steven (Team AJM) and Wahyu Tanuwidjaja (Team Anaksekolahandilawan) which certainly include their flagship cars. Therefore, this tight competition is worthy of being said the battle of the Indonesian audio masters.

Considering the enthusiasm of the participants and the intense competition, we invited several senior judges from Indonesia, namely Mr. Erwin Sugiharto, Mr. Hebron Hartana dan Mr. Maslim Djanuanto.

One of the best things was that several workshops in other area participated this time, such as Djoko (Team Gramond), Febriadi (Team AMCA), Poer (Team AP) and Wewe (Team EAC) reaped good results by getting on the podium.

Following the regulations of the iims committee and the government’s appeal to comply with the applicable health protocols, EMMA Indonesia in supporting the health protocol program distributed masks and hygene sets to committee and all participants this time.

Stay healthy and keep up the spirit of competition

Video EMMA Heat 4 Jakarta.. Please subscribe and like the link https://youtu.be/nibDa8Id3uU