EMMA Mexico @ Monster cave

With this project EMMA Mexico went to the heart of the Country, to the capital Mexico City, the place: “the cave” by Ricardo Rangel. 41 attendees came to understand everything about the Ideas and targets EMMA Mexico is facing and the feedback was very positive.

One hour after starting the so called “clinic”, there was a break where all attendees tasted delicious basket tacos (typical food of the region), sponsored by Ricardo Rangel as well as special tequila.

The clinic then lasted longer than expected when Antonio Agüero and Christophe Bedel, who did the introduction and explanation of the rules, answered all the questions of the attendees.

With this event EMMA Mexico continues to gain acceptance from enthusiasts and competitors.

EMMA MEXICO thanks Ricardo Rangel for his attention and for inviting the team to his well-known facilities. EMMA Mexico´s next stop will be Argentina, as part of the first official EMMA event in Argentina.