EMMA Mexico on high speed

Last Sunday, May 9, at the Oscar Casillas Kartodromo located in Jalisco Mexico, the first official DRZ Karts race was held after finishing their academy where pilots from several teams had the several training lessons.

EMMA México and its director Antonio Agüero announced the 3 drivers: Arath Sat, Ricardo Fernández and Russell, forming the EMMA México Kart team, who applied their knowledge and improved their skills by obtaining 4th, 6th and 7th place in the official race.

EMMA México is still continuing with supporting new pilots so that in the near future they continue to grow and can be at the next levels.

EMMA México thanks its sponsors who trusted in this project:

* DC Audiotech

* ESB AUDIO Mexico.

Not only the staff of EMMA Mexico was presented but also the image of Rosy the official promotion girl of EMMA Mexico.

This event was just the beginning, since in the coming weeks the Kart EMMA México team will continue competing in face-to-face events hoping to obtain satisfactory results.