EMMA Singapore Re-Starts

After two years of pause because of the Pandemic situation EMMA Singapore came back with an fabulous event on the second weekend of December. At the Carros Centre roof top parking lot the competition could be managed even under heavy restrictions. The 50 cars participating were without their owners so the international judges could judge them without contact. Only designated Installers could come with their customers cars to the place so all rules in terms of safety were fulfilled completely. Even after such a long time the level was amazingly good and the SQ judges stated that it was an exiting experience to listen it. EMMA Singapore leader Terence Nah announced the winners during the ceremony but of course the trophies have been given with the according distance and the usual group picture afterwards was not possible. But nevertheless it was good to see and listen the cars. Now everyone is looking forward to next year and hopes that the events become normal again.

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