EMMA Studio Tour 2021

The second EMMA Studio tour is for those who wish to experience the backgrounds of producing and recording of Music, as well as the the mixing and mastering process. A limited amount of guests is invited to attend several lessons all around the Cap a Pie recording studio in Neutraubling/Regensburg in Germany. In this Studio all EMMA Competition Discs have been recorded.

Time schedule:

Friday, Nov 5:                 Arrival of participants, Welcome Dinner

Saturday, Nov 6:             A Day at the Studio, Lunchbreak, Dinner

Sunday, Nov 7:               Conference of the trainers, Discussion, and preparation of material for the Judgebook and trainings in Salzburg, Lunch, Dinner

Monday, Nov 8:              Departure after Breakfast

The number of participants is limited to 20 as the Studio can not host more people. In case of intertest please contact info@emmanet.com. There will be a package with three nights in a four star hotel plus full board available.