EMMA Thailand is back in action

The current EMMA competition series started in November 2020 and its second competition was done in March 2021 before the country was locked down again. This QR3 was organized last Saturday 27 November 2021 at Brio Mall, and the national Final is schechduled for the First quarter of 2022. Because of the Covid Situation this series now lasts 3 calendar years. It will be the end of 2018 EMMA Music Material, as the re-start of the coming season in the third decade of EMMA is planned after April 2022. The competition was a very smooth event and many people have been happy top meet each other even under these crazy circumstances. All EMMA Thailand events have been supported by both International Brands Distibutors and Asian Brands as well. EMMA Thailand is welcoming even more brands to support the events along with those partners who will continue their support, which is highly appreciated.