ESX Direction Sound Processor Series – Model D68SP

Drive to listen! For the ESX R&D-Team the year 2021 will be all about sophisticated sound tuning: With renowned sound engineer Dominic Langenberg, one of the most experienced and innovative specialists for digital sound enhancement the best pre-conditions are given to raise the ESX DSP line up to a new level.

One overture to the  ESX DSP (r)evolution is the digital sound processor D68SP, a cutting-edge tool for audiophiles aiming to bring the enjoyment of top-class audio into their vehicle.

Finest hand-selected components, meticulously tuned result into an ingenious overall product concept. Perfectly adjustable down to the most minute detail – thanks to the newly developed PC software – the D68SP makes connoisseurs click their tongue appreciatively. With the optional Bluetooth 5.0 upgrade set BT-D, the App version of the ESX DSP toolkit can be used live and in real time from the smartphone – including HD audio streaming. The RC-DQ LCD Remote Control, which is available as additional accessory offers additional ease of use.

Thanks to the AKM Velvet Sound™ state-of-the-art analog / digital converter the sound processing of the Analog Devices™ 32 bit / 295 MHz DSP-chips happens in full HD audio range at 96 kHz. In addition to performance aspects, the ESX R&D Team also considered the flawless integration of each device into modern vehicles.

EPS PRO protection circuit and high-level inputs with auto turn-on (which can be plugged in via jumper from 1-15 V or 15-40 V) as well as symmetrical cinch low-level outputs with 6 V / RMS are a self-evident standard on board of this high-quality product.


Digital 8-Channel Sound Processor

• 6 x RCA Input, 8 x RCA Output @ 6 V/RMS

• With additional optical S / PDIF input

• Dimensions: 105 x 40 x 185 mm

• DSP Chip from Analog Devices™ 32 Bit, 294 MHz, Full HD Audio 96 kHz

AKM Velvet Sound™ A/D 32 Bit, D/A 32 Bit Signal Converter

• HP/LP/BP @ 6-48 dB, Phase Shift, Time Alignment 0 ~ 20 ms / 0,01 ms Steps

• Up to 248 Output EQs, 120 Input EQs (PEQ/HSLF/LSLF) +/- 12 dB, 0.5 dB Steps)

• Input-Mixer, Subwoofer Control, Preset Auto Switch, Priority Input Mode

• Input-Sensitivity: Low Level 1~6 V/RMS, High level 1~15 oder 15~45 V/RMS

• Signal-to Noise Ratio (A-rated): Analog Input 106 dB, Digital Input 111 dB

• Distortion Factor: Analog Input < 0,0015%, Digital Input < 0,0009%

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