ESX QE812SP wins EISA Award

With the ESX QE812SP an EISA award go to Audio Design

The house brand ESX proudly announces the receiving of the third EISA award for its DSP technology since 2021. “On one level, the QE812SP is a modern signal processor with extremely extensive audio features and excellent hardware. The signal from its 12 output channels benefits from dual 32-bit processor cores and ‘Velvet Sound’ converters from AKM, and its full-function approach will suit audiophiles. Yet there’s more to this new model than DSP, as ESX has also incorporated a hi-res streamer for playback of music files from a USB storage device. Compatibility with OEM head units and smartphones is also retained for music playback. This multi-faceted design extends to control options where the user can manage functions and the HD player with an LC display, or use a Wi-Fi based app or steering wheel remote, with a video output showing the interface on the vehicle screen. With its blend of features, the QE812SP fully deserves its flagship status”, says the EISA Jury time.