Anyone who has used them in their car once will not want to do without them in the camper either: inductive charging consoles for smartphones are almost a matter of course in modern cars. This makes many motorhome owners want to retrofit this comfort in their camper.

With the VNA-INBAY10, ESX now offers a QI-certified inductive charging console for retrofitting in the dashboard of Fiat Ducato and its model siblings. The new ESX charging station replaces the upper storage compartment or clipboard. From this prominent position it feeds smartphones with 10 watts of charging power and, at the same time, poses navigation apps in the driver’s field of vision. The energizing station is compatible with all inductively chargeable smartphones, also has an integrated USB and AUX connection and is suitable for Fiat Ducato F8 (from 2021), Fiat Ducato III (Type 250, from 2006), Ducato IV (Type 290, from 2015), Citroën Jumper II (Type 250, from 2006), Jumper III (Type 290, from 2015), Peugeot Boxer II (Type 250, from 2006), Boxer III (Type 290, from 2015) and Opel Movano III ( from 10/2021).