Eurofinales in September cancelled

Due to the decision of Messe Frankfurt to organize the Automechanika as a digital format, EMMA lost this opportunity to invite the international community for the delayed Eurofinals. As there is no alternative location available to host such a big event it was decided to shift all international activities to 2022. This is also valid for the Asian Finals

So the new plan looks like this:

  • Including the Eurofinals in Salzburg 2022 the Rulebook/CD Version 2018 will be valid, also the High Res versions are allowed to be used in SQ Expert Category.
  • The Head judge educating for the global team will then be from April 26-28 in Salzburg.
  • The Eurofinals 2019 will then be April 28 to May 1 in Salzburg.
  • All qualified competitors for the 2019 Eurofinals will keep their status and will be contacted beginning of 2022 to confirm their participation
  • If national associations will run a series of sound off with finals it is up to the national association to decide who will be allowed to participate in Salzburg 22. A detailed information will be published on within the next weeks.
  • The new High Res Music Material and Rulebook will be launched during the year 2021 for reference issues but not for use in competition.

Of course this is not a satisfying situation but we will try to do the best we can. Please stay safe.