First Judge Seminar with new Rules and Music

EMMA Judge Seminar with new Material in Singapore on December 14

Even long time before launching the new Rulebook and the according Music Material EMMA Singapore invited it´s Judge team to attend a proper training. The reason to start so early is the Pandemic situation and so it became a real premier event. EMMA Head Judge Norbert (Nobbi) Tyka and EMMA CEO Alex Klett presented the updated rules and Music files. The most interest and of course the most questions were about this new recorded tracks which are available in several digital formats. As the mixing and mastering was done by Christian Pleines, the brother of Alex Pleines who mixed all previous titles for EMMA, the music as well as the mixing differ from current EMMA recordings. It was in fact a good exercise for the trainers as this is going to be the model for the next international Head Judge seminar end of April 2022 in Salzburg and some updates have been made within the Judgebooks. The 2022 material will be officially in use after the Eurofinals but EMMA Singapore might manage an event already in March as long as the Pandemic situation allows that.

The following days various Installer shops and some of the Car Media Distributors have been visited by the foreign guests to understand the market situation in Singapore. The impressive installations and the very high standards all visited Installers are using in terms of adjusting their customer cars have been the most remarkable points. In fact this, in general, high quality is a result of a decision done years ago to make the EMMA ruling of Installation and Sound Quality an all over accepted standard within the Countries dealership. Of course also some sight seeing’s in this super modern City have rounded the trip up. Now all hope that 2022 will become a better year.