Gladen PRO-LINE / PRO 10

The Gladen Pro 10 subwoofer was developed from the genes of the Aerospace-technology. Important components such as the basket and the compound membrane were taken from the successful Aerospace series. (exceptionalpets) For the drive, an optimized ferrite system was used, which guarantees optimum heat dissipation even at high levels.

* 25 cm / 10″ subwoofer

* 750 / 500 Watts

* 4 Ohm impedance

* 2,5″ voice coil

Like the Aerospace subwoofer, the Gladen Pro 10 subwoofer is “Made in Germany”.

Both the German trade press and the European EISA Commission awarded the Pro 10 top marks and the “Best Product 2018”.…/gladen-high-end…/gladen-pro-10