GZRW 250/300-D2 FLAT

GROUND ZERO RADIOACTIVE subwoofer line-up quickly became one of customers favourites, delivering a bunch of bass for everyday music listening.

To make these powerful woofers suitable for even smaller enclosures, GROUND ZERO now offers two flat woofers with extreme low profile.

GZRW 250-D2 FLAT and GZRW 300-D2 FLAT are available now.


With their new 8” and 12” flat woofers GROUND ZERO reacts to the great demand customers have in low profile subwoofers with huge SPL power.

Based on the widely approved GZHW 10SPL-D2 FLAT 10” woofer, those two new yellow-baskets share the same GZ optimized aluminium cast basket, paper-sandwich cone and high-power copper voice coil, reaching up to 1200 watts SPL.

GZHW 8SPL-D2 FLAT and GZHW 12SPL-D2 FLAT are in stock now.