GROUND ZERO URANIUM series vented subwoofers

GZUB 8BR / 10BR / 12BR
After having introduced the new URANIUM series SQ loudspeaker generation GROUND ZERO
decided to offer matching vented enclosure subwoofers, as well. Following this idea there are three vented
enclosure subwoofers available, now. Built from solid MDF with rounded edges and an understated color
combination of black carpet and grey color contrasts for the embroidery, protective struts and
the ventilation port these models will fit unobtrusively to the car´s trunk. The 4-pin GZ push terminal with
bridging clips allow simple wiring in parallel or serial way. The enclosures are available with an 8”, 10” or 12”

Common Features
• High quality vented subwoofer
• Solid enclosure from MDF
• Airflow optimized ventilation port
• URANIUM SQ-D2 subwoofer
• Resonance-free aluminum cast basket
• 2” copper voice coil
• GZ push terminal

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