GZCA 1500.M2, GZCA 3000.M2, GZCA 6000.M1, GZCA 500.Q1

To bring more variety in their COMPETITION line-up, GROUND ZERO now offers 2-ohm stable versions of their popular, highly efficient, full bridge mono amps.

Furthermore, a more powerful 5000 watt amplifier (GZCA 6000.M1) and a 4-channel full range model with small footprint and an impressive amount of power (GZCA 500.Q1) are available now.

Output power:

GZCA 1500.M2                1x 1350 watts @ 2 ohms

GZCA 3000.M2                1x 2600 watts @ 2 ohms

GZCA 6000.M1                1x 5000 watts @ 1 ohms

GZCA 500.Q1                   4x 450 watts @ 1 ohms (2x 1150 watts bridged @ 2 ohms)