Harmotech new Global EMMA Partner

harmotech2EMMA is proud to welcome another new international Partner within the global network. Harmotech is a High End Audio Brand from Thailand and the person behind is  Somchai Chotpureepong, better known as  Mr. Buck from UDC/C.H. Media Co.,Ltd, a leading Installer and the only one from Asia who ever won a European Championship title 2005 in Athens/Greece in Pro unlimited class. After the great success in Europe the idea was to build up a own brand with real high end components and sell them under an independent name. The success came soon and now Harmotech is on the way to become a well known brand name all over the globe. The EMMA partnership shall support the visibility and also the extension of the distribution network.

C.H. Media Co., Ltd was founded already in 1978 as an Installation bay in Bangkok and has actual three shops around the city and the installers were building a bunch of very successful competition cars during the last years. Now it is time to go international!

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