The HELIX M FOUR DSP is more than „just another“ four-channel amplifier: You’re rather dealing with a powerful control center with no less than ten processed DSP channels. With generously 100 Watts RMS per channel into both 4 Ohms and 2 Ohms load, this amp delivers plenty of power while also using noble components as well as providing an overall fantastic set of features. Reason enough for the renowned Car&HiFi magazine to put the M FOUR DSP in the „absolute top class“ of amplifiers with an „excellent price-performance ratio“ and an overall grade of 1.4!

Tonally absolutely HELIX!

Compromises in terms of sound quality have no place in a HELIX product – and that’s why the M FOUR DSP is equipped with all the finesse for perfect sound. Of course, excellent and separate AD and DA converters are just as natural as on the DSP circuit board, which is completely manufactured in Germany, you will find only excellent, separate AD and DA converters as well as an extremely powerful DSP from Analog Devices. In addition, the six pre-amplifier outputs with 6 Volts output voltage provide more than enough level to drive any additional amplifier.

More information incl. the full Car&HiFi review of the HELIX M FOUR DSP: