The HELIX M SIX DSP is more than „just“ another six-channel amplifier. Instead, you’re dealing with a powerful control center that offers enormous output power and exceptional flexibility. In addition to its 10 processed DSP channels, the M SIX DSP is equipped with 6 integrated amplifier channels with up to 130 Watts RMS (at 4 Ohm as well as 2 Ohm) that can be operated in either six-, five-, four- or three-channel-mode due to its bridging capabilities. On top of that, 6 line and highlevel inputs as well as 4 pre-amplifier outputs are available which can be configured flexibly thanks to the integrated Virtual Channel Processing (VCP) and thus allow the extension of the M SIX DSP by using additional amplifiers to a total of 10 processed amplifier channels at any time.

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