Loads of power and tremendous stability: Our new P ONE MK2 is the ideal performance package for any subwoofer configuration. With up to 1,800 Watts RMS @ 1 Ohm, the upgrade to our powerful mono amplifier is going to rev up any woofer while always maintaining full control due to its enormous damping factor. The P ONE MK2 is designed for more than just driving subwoofers. With its particularly wide frequency range up to 40 kHz and excellent signal-to-noise ratio as well as the extremely low THD, you can expect nothing less than High-Res sound quality, making it well suited for the use as a fullrange amplifier. Due to the newly integrated optical digital input, an interference-free and ground-isolated signal transmission in the best possible quality all the way into the amplifier is now possible. The input receives signals up to a 96 kHz sampling rate lossless via light conductor and converts them back to the analog level via a cutting-edge 32-Bit BurrBrown D/A converter. Thus, the P ONE MK2 can be perfectly combined with one of our DSP amplifiers with optical digital output, for example the HELIX P SIX DSP ULTIMATE.

More information about the HELIX P ONE MK2: