Hertz goes Salzburg


Characterized by cutting-edge technologies and top-notch audio performance, the Dieci Power line offers a wide range of options for an uncompromising sonic experience. 

The Dieci Power range includes two four-channel Class-AB amplifiers: the DP 4.400 delivering 75 W RMS x 4 at 4Ω and the DP 4.300 providing 60 W RMS x 4 at 4Ω. Additionally, there is a stereo model, also in Class-AB, the DP 2.200, delivering 80 W RMS x 2 at 4Ω, and DP 1.500, an ultra-compact monophonic Class-D amplifier capable of delivering a whopping 500 W RMS on a 2Ω load. 

The Hi-Res audio certification for all four and two-channel models attests to a bandwidth reaching up to 40 kHz, positioning them at the top of their category and making them ideal for reproducing Hi-Res audio files from leading streaming platforms. The monophonic amplifier is characterized by a state-of-the-art Class-D circuitry with high efficiency, delivering 500 W RMS in a super-compact form factor. 

Flexibility is ensured by the ability to configure all multi-channel models in bridge mode, adapting to the specific needs of each installation. The advanced filter section includes levels, adjustable crossover filters with a cutoff frequency of 50-4000Hz (12dB/Oct.), and bass-boost control to fine-tune the sound to perfection according to personal preferences. The monophonic amplifier also features subwoofer phase control and a subsonic filter. 

All models feature RCA line-level inputs and dedicated connectors for high-level inputs. High-level connectors accept signals with voltages from 1.6 to 40 Vrms and integrate the USS circuit, important features for seamless integration with the latest car models. 

All DIECI POWER models have Full-Range pre-out outputs, both when using PRE inputs and high-level inputs, allowing users to expand the system as desired. 

For the monophonic DP1.500 there is the option to add the optional HRC-02 subwoofer volume control. This next-generation controller can be installed in three different modes thanks to ultra-complete mounting accessories, allowing users to adjust the subwoofer output volume to their liking while listening in the car. 

The power supply voltage for Dieci Power amplifiers is designed to support up to 17.5V input for the mono model DP 1.500 and up to 16.5V for other models, expanding the product’s compatibility range with new car models. All amplifiers feature automatic power on and off functions that follow the car’s OEM source. 

In conclusion, Hertz’s new Dieci Power series represents excellence in the world of audio amplifiers. With advanced technology, outstanding audio performance, and a range of advanced features, these amplifiers are designed to meet the expectations of the most demanding audiophiles. Whether it’s a Hi-Res audio system or one geared towards maximum dynamics, the Dieci Power series offers an unparalleled value/performance combination, ensuring an engaging and high-quality musical journey

Hertz SP 1.900 mono amplifier 

The new Hertz SP 1.900 mono amplifier features ADC (Advanced D-Class) output stage, reaching up to 87% efficiency and delivering an impressive power rating of 1000 W RMS (1Ω), with an ultra-compact size of 211.6 x 130 x 49 / 8.3 x 5.1 x 1.9 (mm/inch). Being ultra-compact with impressive power, SP 1.900 is the ideal choice for Motorcycle applications under-seat in sports cars and behind-seat installations in trucks.


Imagine cruising down the highway, feeling every beat thump through your car. That’s what the Hertz Audio DBA 201 Subwoofer Box is all about. It’s like having a concert in your car, with deep, rich bass that’ll make you never want to leave your vehicle. 

And hey, installation? Piece of cake. No need to stress about complicated setups. Just pop this bad boy in your car, and you’re good to go. Trust us, your ears will thank you. 

High performance in a compact stylish design 

The DBA 201 active subwoofer box features a double passive radiator enclosure made with solid MDF and optimized with FEM simulation to ensure superior performance, maximizing the subwoofer output. The massive magnet of the 8-in. driver provides optimal control during the highest cone excursion. 

The DBA 201 active subwoofer box features a double passive radiator enclosure made with solid MDF and optimized with FEM simulation to ensure superior performance, maximizing the subwoofer output. The massive magnet of the 8-in. driver provides optimal control during the highest cone excursion. 

DBA 201 F Flat Active Subwoofer 

Now, if you’re all about that sleek, minimalist vibe, then the Hertz Audio DBA 201 F Flat Active Subwoofer is right up your alley. This thing is slim, but don’t let its size fool you – it packs a serious punch. Plus, with its built-in amplifier, you’ll get that powerful bass without cluttering up your car with extra gear. 

High performance in a super flat design 

The DBA 201 F flat active subwoofer enclosure optimized with FEM simulation ensures superior performance, maximizing the subwoofer output with a super flat size. The massive magnet of the 8 in. driver provides optimal control during the highest cone excursion. 

DBA 201 F and DBA 201 are designed to easily release via a Plug & Play Molex® and harness, which includes the power connection. When you need extra cargo room, you can quickly unplug and 

remove the box. 

DBA 201 and DBA 201F share the 440 W Class D amplifier provides an unmatched performance/size ratio, drawing less current from the vehicle’s electrical system. He-Li technology (high efficiency/low impedance) is optimized for the 0.4 Ω load of the DBA 201 subwoofer drivers, and the sealed enclosure. 

Extra full set of controls to fine-tune the in-car performance. 

The built-in 24 dB/Oct. low-pass crossover filter with variable cutting corner frequency (50÷150 Hz) allows you to perfectly match the DBA 201 to your speaker system. Adjustable bass-boost (0÷6 dB @ 45Hz) can add bass output as you prefer, allowing correction for OEM sound equalization. With the phase inverter (0-180°), you can optimize phase alignment between the DBA 201 and your speaker system, regardless of the subwoofer’s position in the car. The subsonic filter (15 Hz @ 24 dB/Oct) protect the cone from over excursion and amplifiers from overheating. The input sensitivity control is the perfect tool to maximize the overall system output level while preventing clipping. 

DBA 201 and DBA 201F can handle speaker-level signals up to 30 volts (1.2V – 30 V rms) and includes USS for OEM systems and handles RCA line-level signals as well (0.2mV – 5 V rms) from aftermarket systems. Thanks to the low idling current and wide operating supply voltage (6.5V – 18V) DBA 201 F is fully EV (Electrical Vehicle) friendly. 

Provided remote level control. 

DBA 201 level can be adjusted (-15 dB ÷ 0 dB) using the new stylish HRC 01 remote control. HRC 01 AS control is ready for tape surface mounting, screw surface mounting, and recessed mounting, thanks to the provided accessories. 

Picture this: You, behind the wheel, with bass so intense it’ll make your heart race. Yeah, that’s the Hertz Audio DBA 201 Series for you. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

Upgrade your car audio experience today and feel the music like never before with the Hertz Audio DBA 201 Series. Trust us, you won’t regret it.