The mobile event box with rich HiFonics sound. Wherever the EB112A sound system rolls up with its practical trolley handle, the party gets started immediately. The event box delivers many, many hours of music power without having to rely on a power outlet – thanks to the built-in rechargeable battery. The EB112A can also be supplied with 12V from an external car battery or with 230V from a socket. The subwoofer delivers rich bass and midrange output while the tweeter horn celebrates crystal-clear highs. The digital amplifier is powerful and efficient enough to rock any party. Whether outdoors in good weather or indoors in large locations: the HiFonics event box can be used anywhere with its robust housing. When streaming music via smartphone or tablet, you are always in control using the supplied remote. A guitar can also be docked via jack input, and the included wireless microphones are also suitable for echo and delay effects.