HiFonics Evolution Zeus Woofers

Loads of solid bass for surprisingly small budgets – HiFonics can do: In the heart of HiFonics’ ZEUS EVOLUTION woofers work powerful Y35 magnet drivers driving XXL voice coils, ventilated with thermally ideal pole core vents. In addition, so-called “bumped” T-plates ensure even longer strokes, reaching up to +/- 17 mm (X-Max). While pressed paper cones are usually used in inexpensive woofers, the ZXE woofers rely on expensive, handmade paper cones with double stitched beading, known für extremely good sound. All these components ensure the ZXE subs’ extremely good efficiency level. Both sub models – 10 and 12 Inch – generate high volumes even with small amplifier power input. The Thiele-Small Parameters are designed for powerful vented boxes with decent depth, but also medium-sized, closed cabinets. Even free-air applications are possible. Both Zeus ZXE basses also do justice to the HF style in terms of looks: a newly tooled gasket and the typical blue magnet proudly show the HiFonics brand insignias.