With their deep blue magnetic protectors, the extensive subwoofer range of the HiFonics ZEUS series makes a visual statement. Bass aficionados particularly appreciate the massive overall appearance and the powerful performance of the sub-series. Now fans of HiFonics basses can look forward to another ZEUS hammer that was specially developed for huge SPL high power experience at a small price. With an impressive 120-ounce magnet and a 64 mm double voice coil, the new ZEUS ZSPL12 powers up to 1,800 watts max. into the atmosphere and impresses with precise pulses. The new Sub feels very comfortable in a bass reflex box. It starts with a volume of around 45 liters. It plays perfectly in 55-60 liters. Then it really develops its true deep bass qualities. If you don’t want to build your own enclosure, no problem: HiFonics’ SPL-woofer-lineup also provides matching bass reflex speakers as single and dual versions. ZEUS SPL – lots of bass for a tight budget.