Not only HiFonics fans know: If you are looking for a particularly good and powerful amplifier for your car, you will definitely find what you are looking for with HiFonics’ ZEUS models. Maximum power and performance, finest sound, the top-notch choice in Class A/B technology – a formula has been in effect for a good 30 years. But connoisseurs also know that Class A/B power amplifiers are musical fun, but not really compact in their measures. For this reason, HiFonics engineers have completely redesigned the ZEUS POWER ZXR series as Class D amplifiers. The result is beautiful powerhouses with super-slim dimensions – and all of that in the well-known and popular ZEUS look. No matter where you look, the ZXR amps are superbly finished. With an outstanding efficiency of over 90%, they don’t even need a lot of energy to reach their full potential. The sophisticated equipment of the ZXR series also includes a bass remote so the levels can be conveniently adjusted from the driver’s seat.

The connection to modern vehicles is more important than ever these days. Equipped with the very latest EPS high-level input, the speaker signal can be easily tapped from the car radio without causing error messages in the vehicle. All amplifiers are cleverly designed so that the EMC parameters are also correct, which is expressed in extremely favorable emission values ​​and ensures undisturbed radio reception.