Limited USB Edition of Competition Tracks 2022

EMMA provides a limited Edition of the EMMA competition Music Material 2022 on a Full Metal USB Stick. Several Formats are on the Stick and it is a super solid storage. The EMMA USB is limited to 600 Pcs total in the retail and is available at the EMMA Webshop under

The EMMA USB Stick contains the follwing formats:

24 Bit 96 Khz WAV
16 Bit 44 Khz WAV
24 Bit 96 Khz FLAC
16 Bit 44 Khz MP3

All Fomats have been modified from the original High Res Source (24 Bit 96 Khz) managed by the Cap a´Pie Studio

Tracklist EMMA 2022
Track 01: Introduction / Check In
Track 02: Position Left
Track 03: Position Right
Track 04: Position Center
Track 05: Position Left Center
Track 06: Position Right Center
Track 07: Moving Track
Track 08: Igor’s Cello
Track 09: Garcon
Track 10: Rainfall
Track 11: Alone
Track 12: Zero Bit Track
Track 13: Pink Noise
Track 14: White Noise
Track 15: SPL On Par
Track 16: SPL In Front
Track 17: FreeStueck (Bonus)