Malaysia International Judge Training 2024

The EMMA Malaysia International Judge Training 2024 brought together enthusiasts and experts from across the globe for an immersive experience in car audio judging. Over the course of two days, participants delved into both theoretical frameworks and practical applications under the guidance of seasoned trainers.

At the helm of the training were four distinguished International Head Judges trainers: Steven, Ricky, Eddie, and Kevin from EMMA INDONESIA. Their collective expertise and passion for car audio judging served as catalysts for an enriching learning journey. With a total of 24 enthusiastic participants in attendance, the training fostered a vibrant exchange of ideas and perspectives, creating a dynamic learning environment.

Day 1: Theory Class and EMMA 2024 Music Track Introduction

Led by head trainer Steven and his esteemed team – Ricky, Eddie, and Kevin – Day 1 commenced with a deep dive into theoretical frameworks essential for proficient car audio judging. As participants immersed themselves in discussions and interactive sessions, they were introduced to the intricate nuances of sound quality evaluation, technical criteria, and the holistic approach required for accurate judgments. The introduction of the EMMA 2024 music track added an exciting dimension to the training, offering participants a glimpse into the challenges and diversity they would encounter in their judging endeavors.

Day 2: Practical Class

Building upon the foundational knowledge acquired on Day 1, Day 2 transitioned seamlessly into practical applications. Under the expert guidance of the trainers, participants had the opportunity to put their newfound skill.

Special thanks to FRENSS (M) SDN. BHD., our affiliate, for hosting EMMA events in Malaysia.

Congratulations to all newly certified judges.