MD.Lab becomes Global EMMA Partner


The Russian manufacturer Md.Lab signed a global sponsorship contract with EMMA in the beginning of the Year to increase its visibility all over the world. The core of Md.Lab´s ideas is the fact that any vehicle is able to sound good and all needed items will be supplied by the company. The company’s engineers know firsthand the needs and aspirations of the installers.

All the components included in the list of products have been developed to operate with just the vehicle. In other words, the speakers of MD.Lab are not used anywhere else, and are designed with the acoustic characteristics of the car. Undoubted success of MD.Lab was compact amplifiers with built-in sound processor, allowing to use all currently existing opportunities for setting up the sound. Have not gone unnoticed and adherents of traditional circuitry amplification path for them in the range of products available MD.Lab amplifiers operating in the “A” class.

MD.Lab attaches great importance to the development of sets of speaker systems for integration in cars of different brands. Already in the production cycle are a number of acoustic sets for specific models of cars.