Continuing the legacy of the iconic high power, Hi-Fi Elate line by bringing ultimate performance to install-friendly systems. Sharing most of Elate Carbon Pro’s high-end componentry, it takes a slightly smaller form factor for those who value discreteness but don’t want to sacrifice performance.

 Unique to the Elate Carbon are the compact MT450 tweeters that can easily fit into most OEM factory locations or space-limited areas using the supplied mounts. Incorporating renowned Morel technology, the MT450’s produce amazing detail and a silky-smooth, flat frequency response.

 The new woofers continue to bring serious power. Whether choosing a 5.25”, 6.5” or 9” woofer, each features FEA and Klipple-optimized EVC motors with large 3” (75mm) diameter voice coils and Morel’s proprietary TLC (Triple Layer Composite) carbon fiber/Rohacell sandwich cones, yielding ultra-low distortion and high power handling.

 The 3-way systems feature the new MM3 3.5″ (89mm) cone midrange. Using top-of-the-line Morel technology delivering even greater control in lower frequencies than larger 4.5” speakers, while still able to fit into most OEM midrange locations.

Handcrafted as always, the new Elate Carbon will blow your expectations away.

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The Elate Carbon Pro is the purest evolution of our iconic Elate line, continuing to push the boundaries of automotive audio performance. With refined aesthetics, revamped construction, and Morel’s storied handcrafted essence, we’re taking the Elate series higher than it’s ever been before.

The new speaker systems maintain the Elate’s high power, high fidelity tradition, yet with massive upgrades in design and materials. We’ve equipped it with a triple-layered carbon-fiber/Rohacell cone for midrange and woofers, titanium voice coils, our iconic Lotus grills and a brushed aluminum trim. The Elate Carbon Pro is highlighted by the Elate Alto cavity-back tweeter, employing a high-resolution design borrowed from the Supremo Piccolo’s architecture.

These upgrades give the new systems a  leap forward in performance. Alongside a widened, three-dimensional soundstage with greater frequency response, the Elate Carbon Pro’s ability to produce exquisite details, even at extreme volumes, is simply breathtaking.

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