Implementing Morel’s legendary craftsmanship, engineering and innovation, the latest Hybrid systems define our ever-evolving concept of Hi-Fi speaker design. Now in their fifth generation, the new Hybrid systems provide a further refined listening experience. Their subtle balance of resolution, power and efficiency has been optimized to evoke raw emotions, regardless of the music genre.

Available in 2-way, 3-way and Integra point source solutions, creating optimal sound coherency regardless of your speaker requirements. It continues to provide top-level Morel technology.

Each midrange and woofer is equipped with 2.1” (54mm) Hexatech™ aluminum EVC, a DPC one-piece cone architecture, hybrid and double magnet motors. The new handcrafted MT300 soft dome tweeter employs Acuflex™ technology, producing a natural, non-fatiguing listening experience.

The 3-way systems employ our new CDM700 midrange. In the Integra, Morel’s point-source system, the tweeter and woofer seamlessly integrate, creating a single sound source on the same axis that generates Omni-directional time alignment, heightened imaging and sound dispersion.  Going fifteen years strong, the Hybrid line continues to exceed expectations.

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